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2 in 1

Getting Married

Marriage is an all-important institution from whence families and clans are born; and nations and generations are developed. It was commended by St. Paul to be entered into with godly reverence, not precipitously, but with godly fear by all men. The institution is sacred before the Lord and it is therefore incumbent on all men that it is entered into in faith.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It was honored by the Lord Jesus Christ, as the very first of his miracles took place at the wedding feast of Canaan in Galilee. It is our desire at House On The Rock to help in making your wedding day a memorable one and your marriage enjoyable and not endurable.

The pre-wedding process in House On The Rock takes a minimum of 12 weeks from the time of the announcement of the commencement of a new set of premarital classes till the completion of all the processes involved. So start your preparations early!

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Intending couples will firstly register for the pre-marital course by either of these methods:

  1. Pick up the premarital course forms at any of the Church Information Centres on Sundays OR
  2. Pick up the premarital course forms at the church office on weekdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm OR
  3. Download the form below

Submission of the course forms (along with passport photograph; the letter of consent from parent(s) and the letter of introduction from the CITH leader, HOD or Pastor) could be done at the Church Information Center or at the church office.

Scanned copies of the filled forms could also be mailed to churchadmin@houseontherock.org.ng

Pre-Requisites for Pre-Marital Course Registration

The following are the pre-requisites for couples who would like to register for the premarital course:

  1. You are currently in a relationship
  2. One of two people intending to get married is a member/worker in House on the Rock.
  3. There is at least 12 weeks from NOW until your proposed wedding date

Pre-Qualification Interview

Every applicant for the Premarital Course will have to go through a pre-qualification Interview to determine their eligibility for the premarital course.
The outcome of the interview could result in the couple proceeding for the premarital course OR they may be deferred to attend the course at a later date and subjected to further counselling.

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Premarital Course

The decision to marry is one of the most important choices we make in life. Great marriages don’t just happen……you have to work at them! A crucial part of having a great marriage is preparation.

Preparation for marriage involves much more than detailing a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Everyone desiring to be married at House on the Rock, or intends to continue to be a member or worker in the church after marriage is expected to complete the required pre-marital course, Starting Right, offered in church by the 2-in-1 department.

The course is made up of fourteen modules/topics and one night vigil which may last an average of five– seven weeks.

Topics to be discussed and taught include “Conflict Resolution”, “Communication in Marriage”, “Keeping the Wine”, “Money and Things”, “Anger Management” amongst other interesting and relevant topics. Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate of completion.

Intending couples who have completed the premarital classes and do not get married within a period of 6 months of completing the course will be required to attend refresher courses, which will be specially organized for them.

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Making a Wedding Date Reservation

Request for a wedding date reservations should be made by sending a mail to the
churchadmin@houseontherock.org.ng. Available dates may be obtained before the completion of the premarital course.
Confirmation of wedding dates will be communicated via mail after the completion of the premarital course

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