Child Dedication Procedure

  1. Kindly fill out and submit a completed child dedication form, with one copy of your Child birth certificate and your marriage certificate.
  2. Attend the child dedication class. You will receive an sms notifying you of the class date, time and venue
  3. The class holds con the third Saturday of every month. Parents must attend a class once every 3 years
  4. After the class, you will be scheduled for the next available dedication. Dedications hold on the last Sunday of a month
  5. It is important that you get to the venue on time for the dedication ceremony. The ceremony starts at 8am.

Naming Ceremony

  1. Send an email to notifying them of the birth of your child and request for a ceremony. Indicate proposed date, time, venue etc
  2. Contact your CITH center leader and notify him/her.
  3. Expect a confirmation email and phone call from officiating pastor.

How To Qualify

  1. Submit a copy of your marriage certificate
  2. Both parents should attend the child dedication class
  3. Parents should be tithers

Fill the child dedication form online by clicking the button below.