Weddings At House On The Rock

Prayer Chapel


A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It was honored by the Lord Jesus Christ, as the very first of his miracles took place at the wedding feast of Canaan in Galilee. It is our desire at House On The Rock to help in making your wedding day a memorable one and your marriage enjoyable and not endurable.

The pre-wedding process in House On The Rock takes a minimum of 12 weeks. This starts from the time of the announcement of the commencement of a new set of premarital course classes till the completion of all the steps involved. So start your preparations early!

Please see the steps and requirements below. You can also download the complete wedding guidelines from the download tab, along with the necessary registration forms.

  • Register for the Pre-marital Course by picking up the ‘Starting Right’ forms from the Information center or downloading it from this page under the downloads tab.
  • Fill out according to specification and submit with the necessary documents required at the Information centre, or mail a scanned copy of the filled form to
  • Attend an interview with your fiancé(e) to determine your qualification for the course.
  • Attend ALL the classes of the pre-marital course with your fiancé(e) : attendance is mandatory
  • Obtain a certificate of completion
  • Obtain a Form ‘C’ from Ikoyi marriage registry (at a fee)
  • Pay the wedding protocol fee of N80,000 only
  • Send an email to to request/book a date.
  • Correspond with church Admin on all relevant arrangements
  • Post your wedding banns two (2) weeks to the wedding (both of you MUST be present for this).
  • Attend the wedding rehearsal

Before you pick up the course registration form
At least one of the intending couple must be a member of House On The Rock
The member(s) MUST have gone through the foundation school ( Finding the rock & Spiritual Authority
Should belong to a department or CITH
Should be a tithing member
Should have received consent from both parents