New Believers' Class


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Rev’d. Yinka Akinbami, Pastor Adelusi, and Pastor Emiko Gula


6 weeks


Age 10 Classroom


Sundays – 8.45am


erving in House on the Rock is one of the most fulfilling aspects of belonging here. We have a wide range of volunteer units to harness any of your talents or interests while getting to know other parishioners better. You would be joining a well-structured and highly efficient volunteer team that expresses the core values of the church.

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This class is designed to meet the needs of new converts ensuring that they continuously desire the sincere milk of the work (1 Peter 2:2). The class is highly interactive with Faculty ensuring the new believers are grounded in the study of the word and prayer. Course methodology includes teaching, study groups, book reviews and impartation.

The aim of the course is to ensure new believers:

  • Understand the new birth, know their new creation rights and privileges and man’s tripartite nature.
  • Grow in Faith, learn to pray effectively and achieve results, simple steps to studying and understanding God’s word, water baptism, Holy Ghost baptism and the Church In The Home System.
  • Overcome hindrances to their new faith in Christ, deal with unhealthy companionship, overcome discouragement & distractions and learn how to stay strong in the midst of persecution.

For more information about this course and others, please call the Church Office (234-1-4614120) or send a mail to

[/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”Faculty”]The class is taught by a Faculty comprising seasoned members of the House on the Rock clergy that include Rev. Adeyinka Akingbami, Pastor Adelusi and Pastor Emiko Gula.[/cq_vc_tab_item][/cq_vc_tabs]

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