New Parishioners' Orientation Class


To attend this course, please call the church office (234-1-4614120) to find out when the next class is scheduled to start.


Mr. Ubong King
Mr. Sam Egube


2 weeks


Age 5B Classroom


Sundays  8.00am – 8.45am

The New Parishioners’ Orientation Class is deliberately designed to enable new Parishioners get to know House on the Rock better.

The course highlights the commitment of House on the Rock to:

Treating the infallible word of God with a lot of dedication, ministering to the needs of parishioners
Ministering to the destiny of parishioners
Assist parishioners through the word and covenant relationships to become all that God has called them to be and do all that He has called them to do.
The course provides new parishioners with an overview of the vision, mission and core values of House On The Rock.

New parishioners also get to learn about the spread of House on the Rock in Nigeria, the importance of joining a Church In The Home (CITH) centre and the various opportunities to serve in House on the Rock.

For more information about this course and others, please call the Church Office (234-1-4614120) or send a mail to

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