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Rock Kidz Zone

RKZ is the children’s ministry arm of the House on The Rock, Lagos under the Family-Life Directorate established on the basis of the scriptures in Prov 22:6, and continues to fulfil that purpose through its many groups.

Each of our Kids groups consists of volunteer workers who cut across all works of life- lawyers, doctors, bankers, housewives, teachers, business women/men who have received various training in children ministry. Hence, in RKZ we refer to ourselves as minister’s and not teachers.

‘Master’s Cuties’ is the baby/toddler class of the Rock Kidz Zone of House on the Rock. We minister to children in the age group 1-4 years. We do a lot of playing and singing and jumping around in our classes using all the five senses in our hands-on activities and interactive games all with the sole aim of teaching and ministering the Word of God to these little ones. Our visually attractive lessons are tailored to deliver spiritual-based truths in a fun and stimulating way. These little ones are full of action, motion and noise. They are wigglers and believers! Little wonder we call them the Masters’ Cuties!

It’s a group where we engage the hearts and minds of children from ages 5 to 8, helping them grow closer to Jesus. At Sparkling Stars, we create an environment where children learn about Jesus through fun and exciting teachings, showing them the love of Christ and shaping them for the kingdom of God and the world.

This is an active and adventurous group that consists of the pre-teens ages 9-12. They enjoy fellowship with God while setting the pace for others to follow.

Our classes are located along the exit corridor of the main auditorium and our arms are open wide, ready to receive our children every Sunday.

House on The Rocks Kids Zone

We nurture and attend to the spiritual needs of children aged 1-12 teaching them basic Christian principles in the language they understand.

The handmaidens class in RKZ is a class for the Nannies and House help of the children we minister to. The need for such a class came to light when we recognized that some of our children spend a major part of their time with their nannies. We want to ensure that the people with whom the children spend so much time have an understanding and a relationship with God. The nannies class is a place of worship for the nannies and we minister the word of God to them at their level.