Day 6 – Thursday, Jan. 11th

Today, we will be declaring that which we are believing for this fast to hasten the manifestation of.



  • Let us start by praying in the spirit for a few minutes

Be It Unto Me – Don Moen

Power Invested In You

Matthew 18:18
18 I assure you and most solemnly say to you, whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth shall have [already] been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth shall have [already] been loosed in heaven. (AMP)

When God created man in the Garden of Eden, God gave man a mandate to have dominion on earth; to rule on earth as God rules in Heaven. We have been given the authority to enthrone on earth the kingdom of God as it is in heaven. The kingdom of God has no lack, sickness, pain, sorrow, rejection, failure, poverty, etc. so we have the power and right to ensure these do not operate in our lives also.


  • Lord I thank You for the power You have given me to, to command my days and my life
  • Thank You that You have made us gods on this earth to have dominion and be in charge
  • I take my place and bind and forbid any improper and unlawful activity in my life in the name of Jesus Christ
  • Whatever I bind here on earth would already have been bound in heaven, therefore, I enthrone the operations of heaven in my life in the name of Jesus Christ
  • I loose peace joy, righteousness, abundance, wealth, health, inspiration, (call what you desire) etc, in my life in the name of Jesus Christ

The Power Of Agreement

Matthew 18:19
19 “Again I say to you, that if two believers on earth agree [that is, are of one mind, in harmony] about anything that they ask [within the will of God], it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. 

When we come together to pray and declare, we give permission as to what can happen on earth. Whatever we touch and agree on has to come to pass, once it is accordance with God’s will. There are several thousands of us that are in agreement concerning this fast and time of prayer. With that in mind, let us take our place where we are seated in heavenly places far above principalities and power, with the authority, power and the dominion to decree a thing and see it established.


  • I agree with my sisters who are prayed today concerning the desires of their hearts, their expectations and their future; that that which will declare shall come to pass in Jesus name
  • I stand in agreement as we have the same mind and are in harmony concerning our desires and the future of ourselves, children, homes, families, spouses, relatives, finances, vocation, (call what you desire) etc.
  • As we touch and agree asking within the will of God, we declare it will be done for us by our Father in heaven in Jesus name. Amen

The Power Of Declaration

Job 22:28
28 “You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon your ways. (AMP)

Whatever you decide and decree, it WILL be established! Wow! Isn’t that great! And how simple! You simply decide, decree and it happens!


  • I stand to declare that which I desire and that which the Lord has spoken concerning me will come to pass in this year 2018
  • I call forth the blessings prepared for me that have my name attached to them
  • I declared they will locate me in the name of Jesus Christ
  • As I have decided and I decree, it is established for me
  • The establishment of the blessings in my life causes the light of God’s favour to shine up on my ways in the name of Jesus Christ

Declaring The Benefits Of A God Ordained Fast

Isaiah 58:6-9
6 “[Rather] is this not the fast which I choose,To undo the bonds of wickedness,To tear to pieces the ropes of the yoke, To let the oppressed go free And break apart every [enslaving] yoke? 7“Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry And bring the homeless poor into the house; When you see the naked, that you cover him, And not to hide yourself from [the needs of] your own flesh and blood? 8 “Then your light will break out like the dawn, And your healing (restoration, new life) will quickly spring forth; Your righteousness will go before you [leading you to peace and prosperity], The glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.9 “Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; You will cry for help, and He will say, ‘Here I am.’ If you take away from your midst the yoke [of oppression], The finger pointed in scorn [toward the oppressed or the godly], and [every form of] wicked (sinful, unjust) speech. (AMP)

Isaiah 58:6
“This is the kind of fast day I’m after: to break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation in the workplace, free the oppressed, cancel debts.(MSG)

A fast ordained of the Lord will bear fruit as the scripture above states. Even under the law, the old covenant, this was the outcome of fasting. How much more now where we operate in a new and better covenant.

What is it that you desire for the Lord to do? Is there anything too difficult for the Lord? Certainly not! As we commence this fast, set your face as flint before the promises the Lord has made to you, fill your heart with faith, believe the Lord and cry out to Him and He will answer you. Come with the mindset knowing that it is God’s desire that when we fast, we move heaven on our behalf to bring about a manifestation of that which the Lord has blessed us with already. That is the purpose of a fast ordained of the Lord.


  • Thank You for your guidance and inspiration to understand the kind of fast day You desire
  • I declare that as you have already said it, every chain of injustice is broken in the name of Jesus Christ
  • Every form of exploitation in the workplace will be done away with this fast in the name of Jesus Christ
  • The oppressed will go free and debts will be cancelled in Jesus name
  • We declare total freedom and deliverance for all in Jesus name. Amen

Isaiah 58:7
What I’m interested in seeing you do is: sharing your food with the hungry, inviting the homeless poor into your homes, putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad, being available to your own families.(MSG)


  • Lord give me a heart of compassion
  • Show me those that I should extend love to
  • Help me to be more selfless, generous and willing to share what I have with other people that I may show the compassion of Christ to those that around me in Jesus name. Amen
  • Bless me to be a blessing to others in Jesus name. Amen

Our Declaration

Open your mouth and declare out loud for heaven, earth and all of creation to bear witness that the angels may hearken to do the Lord’s bidding concerning you

“We stand in agreement today, Thursday the 11th day of January 2018 and declare:

  • Father, I come before You thanking You for the covenants that You cut with me
  • Thank You for the new and better covenant that I walk in
  • I declare that as I enter into a season of consecration, this fast is as ordained of the Lord
  • This is a fast to loose the bands of wickedness
  • The bound are loosed and freed; He who the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36)
  • We declare freedom from being the same person we have always been
  • We declare freedom from every long standing oppressive force
  • The oppressed shall go free; escape as a bird – jet propelled out of the snare of the fowler to soar high into realms of possibilities to BECOME all God has purposed (Psalm 124:7)
  • We declare our captivity has been turned around and we witness miracles like a dream (Psalm 126:1-3)
  • We declare God’s children are free to move to the next dimension in life, to BECOME who they are meant to be – free to progress, free to be fruitful, free to become all they should, free to succeed, free to prosper, free to marry, free to have children, free to be healed and healthy, free to be house owners, free to be leaders, etc.
  • The yoke of the oppressor shall be broken; It is destroyed and will never yoke again
  • The heavy burdens are undone; weights of oppression – barrenness, stagnancy, debt, sickness, loneliness, infirmity, unfruitfulness, poverty, etc. are removed in Jesus Name (Isaiah 10:27)
  • Every chain of limitation in the lives of the women is broken
  • Health & healing begin to speedily spring forth (Isaiah 53:3-5; Malakai 4:2)
  • The sick shall be healed and recover. We speak healing into bodies now in the Name Of Jesus
  • The barren shall be fruitful (Numbers 23:26; Deuteronomy 7:14; Psalm 113:9)
  • We command wombs to open
  • We release supernatural strength to wombs to carry babies to full term
  • We declare preservation of lives even at the time of delivery
  • We release the creative miracle working power of God to perfect all reproductive organs (Romans 8:11)
  • The lost shall receive direction & purpose & fulfillment (2 Timothy 1:9; Ephesians 1:11; Romans 8:28-30)
  • None shall remain unfulfilled
  • The single shall marry; none shall pass the flower of their age (1 Corinthians 7:36)
  • The unemployed shall be employed
  • The squatter shall have her own house
  • The tenant shall become landlady
  • I am becoming who God destined for me to be
  • My existential status is changing from one state to another, from glory to glory
  • I receive and walk in the light required for differentiation, distinction and separation that enables me to see clearly so I can BECOME
  • There shall be continuous preservation of businesses; our coasts shall be enlarged; our boarders expanded (Isaiah 54:2-3)
  • New business ideas, witty invention comes upon all (Isaiah 45:1-3)
  • I declare this year I will hook up with my coach, build a machine – a team that will enable me BECOME
  • I will be relevant and bring relief to mankind
  • Divinely ordered “hook ups” are my portion in 2018
  • The naked shall be clothed
  • The hungry shall be feed
  • The homeless shall be housed
  • Our light shall break forth – We shall mount up as eagles to new greater heights in every area of our lives
  • My days of being in the obscurity and irrelevance – insecure, unaccomplished, timid, apprehensive, confused, etc. are over in Jesus Name
  • I leap bountifully into my future
  • I exit the status quo with boldness into newness
  • I declare newness in every area of my life – new levels, new anointing, new frontiers, new opportunities, new endeavors, new angelic assistance, new innovations, new relationships, etc.
  • I release my angelic host to bring about a performance of the Lord’s word concerning my life
  • I call upon Angel Michael to war against all opposition in your life
  • I engage Angel Gabriel to proclaim my name in places of power and influence that matter
  • I command the angels assigned to minister my inheritance to me, to go about doing so
  • We will no longer be deceived by the devil and miss out on our blessing
  • We shall possess our inheritance as a joint heirs with Christ Jesus
  • We will possess the promises of God for our lives
  • This is our year of fulfillment in every area of our lives
  • This is my year of continuous advancement
  • This is my year of ease; grace is my ever present assistant
  • We shall no longer be restricted by our environment
  • This is my year of BECOMING!!!
  • We declare victory, success, increase, prosperity, marriages to godly men, marriages to the right partners, children, healthy children, blessed children, long standing blissful marriages, incurable diseases and conditions gone, healing and divine health are established, debt cancellation and wisdom to live within our means, fulfillment of destinies, progress, abundance, prosperity, power, restoration of self-esteem and confidence, etc.
  • We command supernatural miracles in bodies, accommodation, transportation, families, homes, careers, businesses, finances, marriages, relationships, visas, relationships, etc.
  • Now declare specifically that which you desire the Lord to do for you personally during this fast


Declaration for Nigeria
We stand in agreement and declare concerning our country Nigeria:

  • This is a fast to lose the bands of wickedness; we are free; Nigeria is free!
  • Nigeria is free from blood thirsty spirits
  • Nigeria is free from oppression
  • Nigeria is free from the Spirit of Sudan
  • Nigeria is free from terrorism
  • Nigeria is free from bombings
  • Nigeria is free from Boko Haram
  • Nigeria is free from violence
  • Nigeria is free from war
  • Nigeria is free from ethnic cleansing
  • Nigeria is free from religious wars
  • Nigeria is free from blood shedding
  • Nigeria is free from corruption
  • Nigeria is free to be a secular nation
  • 2018 will be a blood free year in Nigeria
  • 2018 will be a violence free year in Nigeria
  • 2018 will be a peaceful year in Nigeria
  • 2018 will be a supernaturally intervened economic year in Nigeria and for Nigerians
  • The Lord rules over Nigeria
  • Every decree, decision and policy made will favor the Nigerian citizen and the Lord’s cause
  • This is a fast to lose the bands of wickedness over Nigeria

It Is So – William McDowell feat. Travis Greene