Living the Exponential life (MP3 Series)


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God does not see any man as a sinner. He doesn’t count sin because Christ has taken sin out of the way. When Christ came, He took away the sin of the whole world. He took your place in the grave to give you His glory at the right hand of His Father. God wants you to live an exponential life because Christ has given you victory.

You cannot experience the fullness of God’s blessings and favour in your life without encountering His Word. Whenever there is an increase of the Word in your life, you grow in faith. And as you grow in faith, you begin to experience remarkable success and fruitfulness.

God has a definite purpose for your life, you’re destined for greatness. To understand God’s plan concerning your life, you need to stay in His Word.

To learn more get some of the messages Pastor Paul has preached on this series pack

The messages in this series include:

  1. Living The Exponential Life
  2. God At Work
  3. Seek Peace It’s The New Success
  4. Making It Through The Inflection Point
  5. The Greatest Inflection Point Ever!
  6. The Power To Rise
  7. Releasing The Treasure Trove Within You
  8. Releasing The Potential Within You
  9. The Power Of Recognising The Potential Within You
  10. The Power Of Recognising The Potential Within You pt2
  11. Revelation – The Key To Unravelling The Mystery Of You
  12. The Mystery-There’s More To You Than Meets The Eye
  13. Due Process
  14. The Exponential Life – Your Process, Its Pressure And Your Promise
  15. Blessed But Broken To Be A Blessing
  16. The Cost Of My Alabaster Oil
  17. The Order Of Releasing The Treasure In The Trove