Rooted In Christ (MP3 Series)


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To understand who Christ is, you have to realise that His origin and His birth are not the same.

His conception was not His beginning but simply His transfer into His mother’s womb. When you do, you will understand that Jesus was not a messenger from God, He is the message. He is not the sermon but the Word Himself. And that means that the fullness of the Godhead resides bodily in you. To learn more get some of the messages Pastor Paul has preached on this series pack

The messages in this series include:

  1. Rooted in Christ: who are you?
  2. You are rooted to rise
  3. The mystery of his method
  4. Rooted to reign
  5. You are raised to reign
  6. Favoured forever
  7. Faith surpasses the law
  8. The unexpected heirs of all
  9. Law or grace (where do you stand?)
  10. The feast of the formidable
  11. Giants: The Bread of the Brave
  12. The Secret To The Life Of
  13. Rest Assured (It’s All A Finished Work)
  14. Live Life To The Fullest And Find Joy In Many Good Days
  15. Live Life To The Fullest And Find Joy In Many Good Days Pt2
  16. Hear God’s Word Of Grace And See The Supernatural Breakthrough In Your Life In Signs And Wonders