The Gifted Series(MP3 Series)


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Your responsibility is to stir up the gift that is in you. You have the Creator-life. You are carrying the Creator in you, you carry God on the inside, therefore you also are a creator. You too can create like Him because God who created them, is in you, with you and for you, forever. He is your gift. For more messages on gifts get this series.

The messages in this series include:

  1. It was all for us
  2. He was given unto us
  3. Have you unpacked your gift yet?
  4. Now! You are the gift of God
  5. Walk in your gift in ’23
  6. Your gift will make a way for you
  7. Your gift is your way maker
  8. Your gift will work if you work it
  9. Your gift will work if you work it pt2
  10. You’re the man for the job